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vendredi 30 décembre 2011

Cydia package not published

Here is the answer from the bigboss :

We appreciate the enthusiasm, but if there is a technical deffieciency with the jailbreak tool it's far more likely that I will focus my resources on fixing that itself. As teh Corona package itself is deisgned to allow updates, such issues can be addressed by the untether authors in due time. Such a stop-gap 'fix' or tweak as you're calling it that is moving the location of the app is a brutal hack. if it works that's great but we're not going to jump on the opportunity to host and promote essentially a hack fix while a real solution can be manufactured to eliminate the problem entirely.

In fact it's great that you've got this 'fix' for people but there's a more graceful solution to be had, and I can have a word with the Corona authors on the subject. So please, no stop-gap fixes. I support users' rights to try to fix this for themselves but it's against our core values to react and overreact so quickly on a subject like new jailbreaks - we've been proponents in this scene for quite a while so you can be sure we have the best interests of the audience in mind in the short-run. You will find that the other community hosts ModMyi and Zodttd will similarly decline this submission as we are all big supporters of due processs and supporters of the jailbreak dev-teams efforts.

Please contact me any time if you wish to discuss.